Week of September 12th - 16th

This week I returned to work in my job in the Dept of Defense, but it was a short week since I had planned a motorcycle trip already. So we (the two staffers I got in the course and myself) presented our Capstone projects to our senior leadership. They seem very impressed and made my recommendations to continue this type of upskilling for those willing to put in the effort to prove they want it.

I learned that many of the small things we learned in the course still happen in the real world. Such as code standards, processes for pull requests, when there isn’t a set standard people will have strife over merging work with different values. So I am stepping in to try to facilitate the collaboration of setting what we want our standard’s to look like.

On my personal capstone project stretch goals I made it halfway through my CI/CD pipeline configuration. I won’t get much more time to work on it this weekend (motorcycle trip), but maybe next weekend if I am not burnt out from playing catch up on administrative duties.