Week of August 29th - September 2nd

  • Something I am struggling with this week Back to being annoyed by JS, I just haven’t worked with the language enough and syntax requiring lookup’s for basic things.

  • Something I learned this week, Culver’s has two API’s that shows flavor of the day and one of them is wrong, not sure if it’s being deprecated in the future or what. This affects my long term plans with the application and it’s usefulness to others. However as long as they continue to populate the one I reverse engineered thus far there is no reason I can’t just keep this version in house and continue to iterate it as a sandbox learning environment.

  • Something I have gotten better at this week, is tasks and job scheduling. I first started to implement the rails sidekiq gem but didn’t feel that using redis for such a small project was worth it. So I switched with the whatever gem and learned more about cron jobs.

  • Some specific strategies I use to get unstuck are, collaboration and research, is what has helped get past the couple blockers I have had this week.