Weeks of September 19th & 26th

  • Something I am struggling with these weeks Absurd timelines for administrative actions, in short I am being asked to get things done in a time line that makes little to no sense. We are literally forcing things for so someone else can say it’s done.

  • Something I learned the last two weeks, Is the importance of a shared lexicon that everyone uses. Some of my peers are trying to use our daily scrums as a information gathering or making the “sausage” session. Setting the shared definition of what a scrum is helps everyone treat that time with respect.

  • Something I have gotten better at this week, is mentoring others and active listening to what others are wanting to accomplish in their careers which in my opinion is crucial to helping me recommend opportunities for learning and growth to my team.

  • Some specific strategies I use to get unstuck are, collaboration and research it always better to know where to find help from friends and peers.