Week of August 1st - 5th

  • Something I am struggling with this week I have noticed I am becoming to overly familiar with methods, when doing white-boarding I am jumping to methods instead of doing them the long way around.

  • Something I learned this week, I am reading up on Docker and Docker compose so that I can containerize my build environments as well as production later. I also stumbled up on Swagger UI, I am going to us it with my backend api.

  • Something I have gotten better at this week, I feel that I have gotten a bit better at white-boarding. As a INTJ personality profile, I tend to compartmentalize thought inside my head until I feel i have something that adds value or solves the problem before sharing my thoughts with others.

  • Some specific strategies I use to get unstuck are, I use google and I learned a lot from reading various articles on Medium this week. Which isn’t meant to be a plug for their platform, but hey if the content is there.. that is where I shall go.