Week of July 18th - 22nd

  • Something I am struggling with this week is syntax differences with JS and VueJS, but I have a hunch this comes with practice much like any other language. I am also annoyed with css, but this is an ongoing dislike for css as much as it’s a necessary evil.

  • Something I learned this week, ruby scaffolding. I would like to take a deeper dive into it, as it seem to create a lot of unneeded things as well as the truly important things. From a security focused development I could see where this could be a problem as much as a blessing at the same time.

  • Something I have gotten better at this week Last week I wrote “I feel this week was kinda of like a plateau for me this time. I think I need to push through this authentication parts more..”. What a huge difference that one week and some rest can make. I am much more comfortable with the authentication and querying of data from api’s.

  • Some specific strategies I use to get unstuck are, I use google and I learned a lot from my our fellow classmates this week..