Week of July 11th - 15th

  • Something I am struggling with this week is user authentication, and db relationships mapping from code. I know it’s short hand way of doing something, but what it gets me and how I still can’t internally visualize well. I think most of it is I have personally had a bad couple of days and my brain isn’t as focused as it should be.

  • Something I learned this week, I learned in ruby the .reduce() method can be shorted using the .reduce(:+) syntax. Also learned the method .all? in my research of a better way to validated against results from a .map. Also learned how to make a gem, which was cool as we might be able to help with our favorite open source gems in the future.

  • Something I have gotten better at this week I feel this week was kinda of like a plateau for me this time. I think I need to push through this authentication parts more.. I did find a hidden api for my potential capstone project so that was huge win.

  • Some specific strategies I use to get unstuck are, this week I have pretty much just used google and StackOverflow to find the syntax questions I have had.